D-Bag Parkers Beware, Online Parking Shaming Is A Thing Now

Has an inconsiderate parking job by some uncaring oaf ever ruined your day, or at least prevented you from parking your vehicle? Of course it has, we've all been there, fuming helplessly – but no more! A pair of frustrated Canadians have set up a Facebook group and a Twitter account specially designed to shame lousy parkers. 

Daniel Huber and Brian LaBelle live in Edmonton, Alberta, and like most urban and suburban types they often drive to get where they're going... and when they get there, they park. Or at least they try to.

“I was out one day and saw a park job that ruined everyone's day,” explained Huber in an interview with QMI Agency's Trent Wilkie. “I gave the guy the 'what the hell' arms and he just smirked and walked into a building.” The poor-parking perp probably figured there was nothing Huber could do about it BUT flap his arms. He figured wrong.

Having his smartphone handy, Huber snapped a pic of the poor parking job and posted it to his Facebook feed. “50 likes later I thought it would be an amusing thing to start a Facebook group, and here we are”... “here” being the Facebook Group D- bag ParkJobs and @DBagParkingYEG on Twitter.

“I don't think there are many people who intentionally set out to make things more difficult for others,” states LaBelle, who partnered with Huber to run the Twitter side of the campaign after stumbling onto Huber's Facebook group. “So, we are just making people aware they might be (crappy parkers) and hopefully having them start to consider other people.” We call their joint endeavor a fun exercise in social activism that just might change the attitudes and habits of uncaring parkers.

As one contributor to the Twitter page says, “I've never been so paranoid about my parking since I started following @DBagParkingYEG and @dbagparkingyyc”. Good job guys, look's like it's working.