Da Vinci Robot System Under Scrutiny


The da Vinci surgical system robot has gotten a lot of hype in the recent past. It has been used to help famous athletes repair damage done to their body from their job related injuries.  It can help surgeons to make more precise, and less invasive surgical procedures. 

But those issues are not without their risks. The company that makes the da Vinci surgical system, Intuitive Surgical, is coming under fire for a few concerns around the system. The system has made some negative press around its use for hysterectomies, and the press that has come around it.

Those levels of concern have decreased the number of surgeries using the tool, as both patients and doctors worry about the risk of complications and liability. So it looks like this robot may have to go back to the lab for some more tweaking before it is adopted by the majority of the public, and practicing physicians. The company is experience some projected profit shortfall because of the news.

Source: WSJ 

Image: Morgue File