Dachshund Timer & Fridge Magnet is a Real Weiner

Let the countdown to cuteness begin! The T-188 Dachshund Timer from Japan's Dretec is one double duty doggie: it times your cooking while securing notes & memos to your refrigerator door.

The T-188 Dachshund Timer from Dretec will never turn its cute nose up at your cooking style. Even if you're the type who burns water, this nonjudgmental device will time exactly how long it takes.

The 714 yen (about $8.75) timer is available online from Rakuten in your choice of Brown, White or Green – just like real Dachshunds! It weighs a mere 46 grams (under 2 oz) and features a pair of built-in magnets that make it an ideal fridge-door memo holder. I mean really, you're not going to toss something so cute into a dark kitchen drawer, are you?

A single AAA-battery (included) powers the T-188 Dachshund Timer and enables both the LCD screen and the chime that kicks in for the timer function. You can set the timer for up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, just in case you're planning on burning a LOT of water.

The T-188 (sounds like a Terminator, doesn't it?) measures 132 × 70 × 22mm, or for those metrically challenged, 5.28” long by 2.8” wide by 0.88” thick. It's body is made from tough ABS plastic so don't be afraid to treat it “ruff”.

Jun 19, 2011
by Anonymous

Where can I get one of these in Europe?

Would like to get one of these, but where can I get it from?

Paul, Oxford, UK

Jul 1, 2011
by prexpressions
prexpressions's picture

Out of stock

After trying for some time I got a response from Rakuten:



尚 クレジットカードの適用も取り消されますので ご心配はいりません。



Which I think means out of stock.  Frown