The Dad’s Cab: Fun Gag Gift Inspires New Business Idea

The Dad's Cab is a neat gadget that breeds an interesting business idea. How about charging children for the services we provide as parents, including carting them around to their many activities and engagements? All I can say is I think and hope this is just a fun gag gift and nothing more, but I can't help but fear that some might take it all too seriously.
















Dad's Cab is available through an online retailer in the UK, Gizoo and has been given such a warm welcome on the market that it won Gift of the Year for 2008. You can also find it in the US at Amazon.

Ok, so this gadget is realistic looking and can be mounted in the family vehicle; however, instead of dispensing their thoughtfully saved allowances to pay their fares for being transported to school or dropped off at the movies with their friends; dad, or any family member behind the wheel can exchange their children's taxi services for assistance with household duties.

The bill for the fare, coined ‘Forfeit Cards' assign children tasks like cleaning their room, or making their servant...erm, parent... a cup of tea. Cute idea, but a bit reminiscent of the old joke; washing dishes to pay a restaurant bill, no? But, at least it will help reinforce that not everything happens without a cost, and increases children's appreciation for what their parents do for them. Oh, and most of all; it's fun! Because isn't that the point?
















While it's called Dad's Cab specifically, the sign can be changed with others provided to say ‘Mom's Cab' or ‘Family Cab' so the product isn't being discriminatory, thank goodness. It even comes with a Terms of Carriage notice to be posted in the vehicle, to establish the legitimacy, or take the joke to the next level. It also functions as an alarm clock, so when the gag gets old, it has a renewed purpose, but unfortunately, it is battery operated.














So the Dad's Cab probably makes for a bad business idea, but it's definitely a fun gift!

UPDATE: This item is no longer available. Perhaps you can find something great for dad with Great Gadget Gifts for Dads .