DAHON Ikon Electric: Lots Of Power In A Small And Elegant Package

DAHON Ikon ElectricDAHON Ikon Electric

 If you're a fan of the folding bike, then you know DAHON bikes, but did you know that DAHON makes a folding electric bike? The Ikon Electric employs the same technology and convenience of the typical DAHON bikes, but it with get you to your destination faster via motor power.

A folding electric bike is a great idea for the urban commuter (check out an earlier blog of mine on the GI Bike). They get the commuter to their destination without the inconvenience of breaking a sweat, and they are small enough to be stowed inside, so the commuter can be sure their mode of transportation is safe by their side.

Ikon Electric Folding BikeIkon Electric Folding Bike

DAHON bikes are perhaps the most compact folding bikes, and the Ikon Electric is no exception. With 20" wheels and a folded size of 15.75" x 31.89" x 25.59, the Ikon Electric could fit just about anywhere in the urban commuter's office--under the desk, in the desk, in the filing cabinet, etc. 

The cool part of the Ikon Electric is, of course, the motor. The compact, elegant, aluminum frame of the Ikon Electric houses a 36 Volt, 250 Watt brushless motor. That lightweight aluminum frame, along with the motor, gives the Ikon Electric a total weight of about 48 pounds, which is a bit heavy. However, the folded dimensions of the bike make up for its heft, so if you're an urban commuter this may just be the bike for you. 

Source: DAHON