Gorgeous Artwork With Disposable Cutlery

What can you do with all those leftover knives and spoons from that last big party? Artist Daisuke Hiraiwa creates beautiful chandeliers among other things out of plain old ordinary objects.


Born in Tokyo, Hiraiwa graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design. He was inspired into this type of art when he used to restore historical Japanese teahouses.


‘Stamen’ was made out of 12,500 toothpicks. ‘Petals’ is made from over 300 plastic spoons in which he drilled tiny holes into each one in order to let the light display in a certain way. He used a solder iron to make the holes. Petals and Stamen were both shown at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2009.

Indication 10Indication 10

His ‘Indication’ chandeliers were made entirely from recycled plastic spoons.

Skin of Spaces 02Skin of Spaces 02

Skin of Spaces 02Skin of Spaces 02

‘Skin of Spaces 02’ was made from 1400 disposable plastic knives, where holes were also drilled into them by hand. This artwork was shown at the IMM Cologne 2009. This design kind of reminds me of some sea-like creature you would find at the bottom of the ocean. Of course, if I did find this at the bottom of the ocean, it could probably slice me to death, much like anything else found down there too.

Hiraiwa's next plans are to work with transparent plastic blocks like Legos for tables and chairs.


Copyrighted images used with permission. Visit Daisuke Hiraiwa's site to see more of this amazing art!