DanBall Offers Shiatsu Massage At Your Weary Fingertips


If you spend most of your day typing away at a computer or do a lot of heavy lifting then your fingers probably get sore and strained.  I know that when I have been writing for a while my fingers start getting cramped up.  Hand massages feel amazing; I know that from a couple of times when I have had manicures It would be great to have a personal hand massager standing by for whenever your fingers start to get a little tired.



Well, this may actually be possible.  The DanBall Finger Massager is a small, round shiatsu massager for the fingers.  Users just place their fingers inside the holes and the device goes to work on the pressure points.  You don’t even have to lift a weary finger to turn it on; the device automatically comes on when someone puts their fingers into it.  After one minute of thorough kneading, the gadget turns back off.
In addition to the massage, the gadget also plays a tune and puts on a soothing light show while it is operating.  An infrared light inside the ball treats fingernails to promote growth.  It all sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  The only problem is that it costs over $2000.  So I guess the question is, “just how sore are your fingers?”

Source: Japan Trend Shop