Danboard Wallets Are Ultra-Thin, Extra-Cute

Danboard leather wallets ape the look of Japan's endearingly cute cardboard robot while providing users with two slim & stylish ways to store money, credit cards and their personal ID.

Having won the Good Design Award in 2013, abrAsus repeated their success in 2014 with a super-thin Danboard wallet that also carries coins. Better yet, BOTH versions of the supple leather wallets are available online here and here.

Danboard (or Danbo) has joined Domo-kun as one of Japan's most popular internet characters. First appearing in April of 2006 in the Vol. 5, chapter 28 issue of the Yotsuba&! manga. By 2007, Japanese toy/model firm Kaiyodo had released a line of Danboard figurines under the Revoltech brand.

Sometime after, aided by countless photos posted online of Danboard/Danbo posed in a plethora of backdrops and scenes, the character achieved full-out internet meme status.

Now thanks to abrAsus, fans of this cute cardboard robot can carry Danboard around with them like an angel in their pocket. Made from hand-sewn leather (because cardboard wouldn't hold up), these Danboard wallets are engineered to be as thin as possible while maximizing storage space – there's even a special storage pocket for a key.

SuperClassic is marketing both Danboard wallets at their website priced at 13,950 yen and 16,200 yen – that's $116.50 and $135.50 in greenbacks, respectively. Hey, being cute AND thin doesn't come cheap. (via Gigazine)