Delightful Dandelight LED Lamp is Battery-Powered

A Dandelight-ful garden

Dandlelight, created by Designdrift from the Netherlands, is a custom-made little LED light fashioned from real dandelion seeds. How the designers managed that I can't even begin to fathom, given the elusive nature of dandelion deadheads. As I recall from my dandelion-picking younger days, those ghostly puffs are so ethereal and airborne that I can't imagine what kind of solidifying process they must undergo to transform into teeny tiny lampshades. Baffling. Also curious is the source of the product. A dandelion supplier during the winter months? Or perhaps a hidden cache in a storeroom somewhere, avoided at all costs by allergy sufferers? Curious, indeed.


At any rate, you could create a little garden of Dandlelights, or give them as single gifts. The really creative might try planting them in mini-pots or other containers to hide that ugly nine-volt battery. These nifty little LED lights are handmade by the designers themselves, and have a lift of about 18 cm. Designboom has recently added them to their web shop, priced at a mere $99 plus shipping.


Sources: designboom and geeksugar


Sarah O
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