Dandelion Tableware for Toddlers: Going Green has Never Been Cooler

In case you didn't know, green is the new black!  After all, it is pretty cool to be green these days!   As people are becoming aware of the many environmental issues we face, more and more companies and products are becoming more eco-friendly.

Dandelion ReUsables Divided PlatesDandelion ReUsables Divided Plates

The folks at Dandelion have developed a line of tableware products for toddlers that'll knock your socks off.  The plates, bowls, cups and utensils are made out of corn.  Yes, corn!  Dandelion is not only green, they have gone yellow too!    Instead of using the standard plastic plates many of us have used over the years, these reusable products are made out of a unique corn formula.  Since plastics are generally made from petroleum, corn-based products provide a healthy alternative for families. 

Dandelion ReUsables BowlsDandelion ReUsables Bowls

Designed for toddlers, ReUsables can be purchased as a set or individually.

  • The set of two divided plates are seven inches across and each have two separate sections.
  • The fork and spoons have handles just the perfect size for toddlers.  Each utensil is five inches long and comes in a package of eight.
  • The set of bowls have handy flared "tab" edges.  They are over four inches wide and are two inches deep.
  • A set of two Sippy cups, with lids, will be available soon.

ReUsables UtensilsReUsables Utensils

All products are made out of corn, are reusable and stack nicely.   The Dandelion ReUsables are made for children 9 months and up and retail for under $7 each.  All are packaged in recyclable material and require hand washing.  Although they are made out of corn, it probably is safe to say they shouldn't replace that corn-on-the-cob lunch you've been planning!

Source and Photos:  Dandelion