The Dare-Droid Dress: Edgy, Cool and Technosensual

 The Dare Droid  is a unique dress created by a team known as the Modern Nomads (MoNo). This biomechanic cocktail-making garment provides freshly made cocktails via medical technology, customized hardware and a dash of human personality. The reward (the drink)  is in exchange for the willingness to play a touch-screen-based game of Truth or Dare, involving interaction with the robotic dress and its human hostess.


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Who are the Modern Nomads?

The team is comprised of an unlikely bunch of incredibly gifted artisans and technicians. Anouk Wipprecht is a Dutch fashion designer who uses electronics in her designs and is fascinated with the concept of having both a physical and psychological relationship with a garment. Her artistic goal is to push that envelope concerning a higher state between the human body and our clothing. Marius Kintel is a hacker, tinkerer and engineer based in Vienna and Jane Tingley is a sculptress living in Montreal whose works feature sound and responsive interaction.


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How does the Dare Droid Dress work?

Combining different platforms to trigger human behavior is the theme behind the Dare Droid Cocktail Dress. Non-alcoholic liquid is dispensed by a technological system that is activated by sensors worn around the model's neck. These LEDs detect the presence of nearby humans. Whether the interloper gets more than juice depends upon his or her charming personality coupled with the willingness  to play the game.

The dress was created with two diverse levels of awareness; the first triggered by the sensors that render the garment " a mind of its own." Proximity is the key factor in the response, which is the result of utilizing Edward T. Halls's rules of proxemics that date back to 1966. This standard measures the distance between intimate space (0-18 inches) and personal space (1.5-4 feet).

The technological system will automatically shut down and no liquid will be dispensed if the viewer enters the model's personal space. However,  remaining at a respectful distance will result in activating  the release of a non-alcoholic beverage. It is only after the liquid has been placed into the cup that the viewer is then invited to the touch phone-based game.  Afterwards, the liquor is added to the cup.

 The future of technosensual and interactive garments

Technosensual  is all about enhancing fashion. The Dare Droid was showcased  in the Museum Quartier in Vienna and may serve as innovative inspiration for the likes of Lady Gaga and her incredible array of edgy, high tech outfits. At least, the Modern Nomad team hopes this dress and other creations will interest fashionistas  and the geek chic crowd. Cutting edge technologyis always fascinating, even more so when coupled with the idea of affecting social communication.

Closng thoughts on cocktails:

Never trust any cocktail that remains perfectly clear until the last ingredient goes in and then immediatey clouds. ~ Terry Pratchett


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