DARPA Shows Off Emergency Bot by Boston Dynamics



A team over at The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA for short, have recently unveiled a new robot. The robot has been dubbed the ATLAS and just like his mythical counterpart he is one beefy guy. The robot, which weighs about 300 pounds and is over six feet tall, is designed to help humans out when the going gets tough.


The emergency robot was constructed by a team at Boston Dynamics in response to the DARPA Robotics Challenge, which tasks creators with creating robots who can work well in high risk situaions. As part of the evaluation process the robots was paired with teams from various agencies, including NASA, to prove its worth in field simulations.


“The Virtual Robotics Challenge was a proving ground for teams’ ability to create software to control a robot in a hypothetical scenario. The DRC Simulator tasks were fairly accurate representations of real world causes and effects, but the experience wasn’t quite the same as handling an actual, physical robot,” said Gill Pratt, program manager for the DARPA Robotics Challenge in a release put out by DARPA. “Now these seven teams will see if their simulation-honed algorithms can run a real machine in real environments. And we expect all teams will be further refining their algorithms, using both simulation and experimentation.”


Image and Source: DARPA