Darth Vader Alarm Clock Helps Prevent Snore Wars

With the Darth Vader Alarm Clock you'll never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again... you'll wake up on the Dark Side! This Official Japan Licensed Lucas Films product plays the main theme from Star Wars to help “force” you out of bed each morning.

The clock takes the form of a cylindrical disc in matte black and silver, fronted by  clear plastic and displaying a geometric, almost Death Star-like design on the face.

At the six o'clock position, a 3D bust of the former Anakin Skywalker compels you to obey the alarm and surrender to the Dark Side – also known as Real Life. By night, the clock dial exudes an eerie red glow that perfectly silhouettes Darth Vader's unmistakably evil presence... sweet dreams!

The clock measures 17 x 19 × 14cm (6.8 x 7.6 x 5.6 inches) and weighs approximately 490 grams or just over a pound. It's powered by three AA batteries that are included and have only been used to test the clock at its originating factory... which may or may not be located on the planet Tatooine.


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