Darth Vader Lego Alarm Clock - Forcing You Out Of Bed

From the makers of Lego comes a 9" tall Darth Vader alarm clock to - ahem - Force you out of bed.

Star Wars nerdity knows no bounds, and Lego has always been a staunch supporter of the Jedi vs Sith cause. Now, kids (and men) everywhere can own their very own Darth Vader Lego alarm clock which not only looks like the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, but also like a large-version Lego man, complete with working Lego arms and legs.

The Vader alarm comes with a large center-panel display as well as typical alarm and snooze functions, and is reportedly nickel and PVC free, which means that having evil sitting next to your bedside just got a little bit safer.

Lego Vader: cute and alarming.Lego Vader: cute and alarming. 

So far as we can tell, there's no option for "wake up with heavy breathing" or "soft Force lightning" in the morning, but the whole package is pretty darn cool-looking. At over 9" tall, Lego figures start to take on a really interesting appearance, and in combination with the Vader vibe, well, let's just say that although we were always more about Trek than Wars, we wouldn't mind getting woken up by this tiny Sith.

Just don't lecture him about his religious beliefs or you're apt to end up with a Lego choke-hickey you can't explain - so long as you can keep yourself in check, he's available at Amazon for under $30. 

Source: Lego

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