Pure Luxury: Bringing Postmoden Art to PCs

Let's face it, if you want to build a gaming PC, how it looks is almost as important as how it runs. I mean, who's going to want a superpowered rig if it burns the eyes just to look at it? The guys and gals over at PurePC and Darwin Machine understand this, and they've put a rather...interesting spin on things.









I'm going to start by saying that this probably the most unique-looking chassis I've ever laid eyes on. Usually, the one thing that all computer cases share in common is that, well....you can tell they're actually computers. Here, though...unless one is told "this is a computer", one might only have a dim inkling that it's anything more than an artistic centerpiece. 

But it's more. Oh lord, is it ever more. 

Functional Form

The first thing I'd like to say about the design  that it's not just for appearances alone. You've got to hand it to them, the way they've put together this aesthetically pleasing rig is rather brilliant.

Firstly, the case is laid out in such a way that allows the requisite cables to plug into the computer unseen. This is in keeping with the image they're putting forth for their machine, which is one of "elegant simplicity". I can think of another reason why this is a good thing, though: not only does it save on space, but I forsee the design of the case cutting down on one thing that's the bane of many gamers: tangled cords. 

Further, the components are laid out in a way that's completely unprecedented in typical PCs. Usually, to get at any of the bits and pieces of your system, you've got to grab a screwdriver and pop it open. Here? Everything looks to be out in the open. As such, it's going to be quite easy to modify the system to one's specifications- as if one would want to (more on that later). Let's face it, ease of use? That sells. 

And the penultimate kicker. That sexy aluminum frame? Acts as a heatsink for the computer. Yeah.

Luxurious Specifications

 Okay, okay. I've a pretty good idea what a lot of you are thinking now. Looks aren't everytyhing. Well, you'd best start drooling now. This computer has the best- and I mean, the very best- components money can buy. Want a few examples? The standard computer's got twelve gigabytes of ram. You can upgrade that to twenty four gigabytes. To put that into perspective, my gaming laptop has two.  An old acquaintances several thousand dollar computer- which he keeps under lock and key- has four.

It can have up to five linked video cards, 3 tb of memory with space for four more hard drives, a 3.46 gigahertz processor overclockable to 5.0 Ghz....

Look, let's just say that if you want an analogy, a typical gaming computer is an F16 fighter jet. The Pure Luxury is the Death Star This is how Crysis looks at max settings.: Beautiful, isn't it?This is how Crysis looks at max settings.: Beautiful, isn't it?

If you still haven't quite grasped how powerful this rig is...you probably know that Crysis is a game that has a reputation for being a system hog. Well, this thing...it won't just play Crysis and Crysis 2. Oh no. I can guarantee you'll be able to play the game with -all- the video settings on max, and this beast won't even hiccup. 



The Cost

Ah, but everything's got to have a price, doesn't it?  Most of you probably have at least some idea that such a thing of beauty doesn't come cheap- they called it the Pure Luxury for a reason. I hope you're sitting down while reading this, because the price tag will probably knock you off your feet if you aren't: it starts at $9500.  No, that is not a typo. The Pure Luxury is more than a computer. It's a status symbol.

And not only is the computer beautiful in every way possible, but it also comes with a lifetime warranty, 24-hour tech support, overnight express shipping....

Again, the name fits.

Final Word 

It goes without saying that this is the best rig on the market, here or anywhere. Granted, you could probably build one with similar specs for half the price- but that's true of any gaming pc. and unless you're an art student with free access to a metalworking shop, you're probably not going to get one that looks this good.

Granted, the style isn't for everyone. But hey, 50 different flavours of jello and all that. I, for one, love the design (if that wasn't obvious already) and the specifications give me goosebumps.  

What more is there to say about the Pure Luxury?

Only this: I had the disposable income, mine would be in the mail already.