Datsun mi-DO Hatch Debuts At 2014 Automechanika Moscow Show

Datsun, once a familiar nameplate to North American carbuyers but lately reborn as Nissan's emerging market brand, unveiled the smartly styled mi-DO hatchback at the 2014 Automechanika Moscow Show. In related news, it seems Russia is considered an emerging market by the world's major automakers... better not tell Putin.

Whether or not they're offended by this classification, Russian consumers with a few rubles to spare (pricing hasn't yet been announced) can opt for the new mi-DO (insert “Midol” jokes here) five-door hatchback when it hits dealer showrooms in early 2015.

Datsun's been doing diligent market research: the mi-DO hatch will be offered with a standard “winter pack” featuring heated seats and door mirrors. Bring it on, General Winter! The dash is dominated by a large touchscreen loaded with handy navigational info in Russian – something unimaginable in those not-so-far-gone days before Glasnost.

The mi-DO is powered by a 1.6-liter, 8-valve, four-cylinder engine rated at 87 HP... not a whole lot and it'll feel like even less should buyers opt for the four-speed automatic transmission over the standard five-speed shifter. Speaking of standard equipment, mi-DO owners get sharp-looking 15-inch alloy wheels, ABS brakes, and driver/passenger airbags at no extra cost.

“The Datsun concept of offering a new car from a foreign maker at a highly affordable price has struck a chord with Russian car buyers,” states Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun.

“Datsun might be a new name on the Russian market but its impact will be felt for years to come," adds Cobee. "Rest assured we are totally committed to the Russian market: our debut at MIAS marks just the beginning of the story.” Whether the Russian market remains committed to Datsun, however, remains to be seen. (via The Truth About Cars and Just Auto)