The Davek Alert Umbrella: Innovative Help for The Wet and Forgetful

There are umbrellas and then there are umbrellas. The New York-based Davek company has launched a kickstarter campaign to help fund the Davek Alert Umbrella, which features a built-in Bluetooth proximity chip  that is hidden in the base. It sends out an alert if the umbrella is accidentally left behind. Available in black and blue, the company has sold more than 100,000 high-end umbrellas at retailers such as Bloomingdales and Neiman-Marcus.


Dvek Alert Umbrella Selections: Source: MashableDvek Alert Umbrella Selections: Source: Mashable


How did the Davek Alert Umbrella come to be?

Dave Kahng, founder of the company, has a background in mechanical engineering. He started Davek back in 2005 with the business niche focus of offering a lasting alternative to the cheap and disposable umbrellas so prevalent in today's marketplace. He did his homework and studied the market, researching statistics that indicated that more than 3 million umbrellas are sold every year amounting to a staggering $500 million.

His earlier experiments involved diverse frame structures and stress points  to achieve optimum wind resistance. The flimsy umbrella finally gave way to a smart one, with the help of proximity awareness.


Bluetooth Power for Davek Umbrella: Source: GMA.YahooBluetooth Power for Davek Umbrella: Source: GMA.Yahoo


How does the Davek Alert Umbrella work?

In the words of Kahng himself: "We wanted to keep the product as low cost as possible and ensure a way that people won't ever lose it. We wanted a solution that prevented you from losing it in the first place, and so we  created a "virtual leash."

All is possible via a free app vailable through the Apple App store or Google Play. The Davek Alert Umbrella  will automatically connect after being held near the phone for 60 seconds. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) allows the wearer to always keep the umbrella nearby. A battery can last from 1 to 3 years depending on usage because  very little power is consumed. The proximity chip detects when the umbrella is in use. It goes into sleep mode if not actively used but is awakened the second the umbrella is picked up. In addition, the app also offers a weather module that indicates whether or not rain is in the forecast for the day.


Davek Profile: Puff.HKDavek Profile: Puff.HK


The future  of the Davek Alert Umbrella

While communicating with your umbrella may seem like a walk on the looney side, smart technology and its endless applications is the wave of the gadgetry future. Proximity alerts have already worked with eye-wear and who knows where this may lead? Maybe we will never lose our wallets, keys, gloves and even dentures if we can hang around and live long enough


Closing thoughts on umbrellas:

The American people never carry an umbrella. They prepare to walk in perpetual sunshine. ~ Al Smith

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