Dave’s Adjustable Hot Sauce: Palettes Afire

What is so special about Dave’s Adjustable Hot Sauce Bottle?

A love of gadgetry in addition to an addiction for capsaicin (a colorless compound made of hot peppers) has resulted in the invention of Dave’s Adjustable Hot Sauce. The collar on the neck of this potentially palette-detonating bottle of Adjustable Hot Sauce has two chambers, which adjust the balance between the two salsas found within. Like yin and yang and some forms of schizophrenia, the range falls eleven notches between hot and fiery and weak and puny.

How exactly does Dave’s Adjustable Hot Sauce Bottle do its thing?


The answer lies within the two magical chambers of Dave’s Adjustable Hot Sauce Bottle. One of them is filled with scorching hot sauce and the other holds a barely warm variety of the same. A dial at the top of the bottle allows you to click on your preferred place on the Scoville scale, which measures the hotness or piquancy of a chili pepper. Simply give it a press and you are in some spicy business with the sauce sprayed out like mace all over the napalm of your choice.

What else should you know about Dave’s Adjustable Hot Sauce?

It's not new but it's cool. The Adjustable Hot Sauce Bottle has been featured on The Today Show and in Time Magazine. It also won the Best New Product and Best Packaging at Chile Pepper Magazine's Fiery Food Challenge. For $10 dollars plus shipping you can set your palette on fire with self-destructive dignity.

Who created this Adjustable Hot Sauce Bottle?

Dave’s Gourmet, the maker of the well-known “Insanity Hot Sauce,” has introduced this new bottle design that lets you adjust how hot you want your sauce. Dave’s Adjustable Hot Sauce Bottle comes with no disclaimer, but perhaps it should state somewhere on the label that just to be on the safe side, you should invite a member of the local fire department over the next time you plan to turn the dial on the Adjustable Hot Sauce Bottle up to the nth degree!

Happy and very hot sauce to you!
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