Daxian's N100i Android Smartphone Charges Directly From Wall Outlets

Smartphones are pretty popular these days, and with hundreds of models flooding the market, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to stand out. Efforts have run the gamut between naming after familiar sitcom characters to physically adding unusual features. Chinese company Daxian's latest smartphone design certainly fits within the latter spectrum – it's a modest, if somewhat cheap-looking, Android phone with the inevitable convenience of an AC charger baked right in.



Indeed, after removing the back panel and flipping up the standard Type A (NEMA 1) prongs, one can quickly plug the device's bottom-right corner into the mains. That's nice and all, but Daxian's execution isn't ideal. You'll be removing the back panel every time you want to plug in or put the phone in your pocket, and loaded power strips might prevent you from making a connection. 

It also might be all too easy to damage the wall socket and/or break the prongs off the phone by bumping it while plugged. Wouldn't that be unfortunate?




As expected, the presence of the AC adaptor taking up space in the case means Daxian couldn't put in particularly beefy hardware. A 1.0Ghz dual-core MediaTek MT6517 SoC, 4GB of storage, a 4.3” 800x480-pixel screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a micro SD slot, two GSM SIM card slots, and a pair of 3.1mp cameras are known to be included, along with two 1,800mAh batteries (one is a spare). The device runs Android 4.0.1, at least; better than 2.3, which many of these odd little smartphones get.



Odds are you won't ever see the Daxian N100i outside of China. They're priced at the equivalent of USD $80 ($40 each if bought in bulk), though, making them cheap, and surely there are people with special jobs or needs out there who will readily trade smooth software performance for lighter hauls. Dare I say... homeless people? (Via Engadget)