The Day That Facebook Went Down - A Breaking News 'Chicken Little' Story! [UPDATE: It's Baaaccck!!!]

This news story is breaking so as soon as you read it, this issue may have been resolved or might still be an ongoing "Chicken Little" morality tale. Our blog will keep you posted with updates throughout the day.

Who can ever remember when the world's largest social network was ever virtually unaccessible in the past? Well, perhaps intermittently. However, today according to several sources, the issue seems to be more than a slight hiccup as many are referring to it as a global phenomenon.

It's origin was first reported when Facebook users in India and Romania had noticed they were unable to post any status updates on Facebook using either their PCs or mobile apps.

Now, in the States, the error message you will receive when you attempt to post and update or even add a LIKE to an existing update, it reads: "An error occurred. Please try again in a few minutes."

With the first occurrence detected at 6:07 PM IST, according to one report -- as of this post, the shut-down is now approaching a couple of hours.

According to Mashable's correspondent Sta Schroeder, "for reasons yet undisclosed, Facebook currently doesn't allow updating your status."

"Facebook status update problems aren't uncommon, but this one seems global — we've tested it from several IPs, receiving the same message," adds Schroeder, and while Mashable has reached out to the Zuckerberg and the powers-to-be, they have not received any kind of formal announcement from the site.

According to DownRightNow, the social network of 1.2 billion users is "likely experiencing a service disruption."  And with postings via a third-party app yielding the same result, this is an indication of a potentially larger server issue.

Oddly enough, this news is so fresh, even our "johnny-on-the-spot" microblogging site does not even show the topic trending in the Twittersphere?  And most likely the GooglePlus staff are beside themselves with delight as they now have a couple of hours to pick up the slack, and bask in the spotlight as the 2nd largest social network to be fully operational, during Facebook's hiatus.

The 'first-time-ever' #FacebookDown and #FacebookisDown hashtags are having their moment in the sun as well, as social media chickens around globe tweet out fearfully:

SO, where were you the day Facebook went down globally, and what pressing status updates are you still chomping at the bit to release? Drop a comment below and let us know how you are adapting to a world without Facebook, even if it only amounts to a couple of hours - or longer? Remember that 16 day shut-down we just came off of?

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UPDATE: NBC NEWS - At 11:43 AM ET, Facebook released the following to NBC News: