On This Day In Video Game History: March 14

On March 14, 2000..

Pumpkin Studios, the developer responsible for WarZone 2100, permanently shut its doors. WarZone 2100 was an innovative real-time action and strategy video game that was set in the twenty-first century where players could build custom vehicles and structures to be used for global conquest.

The company posted the following statement to their website as they bid farewell to the gaming world:

"It is with extreme sadness I have to announce the closure of Pumpkin Studios, effective from the 13th March, 2000. This is due to the cancellation of the Saboteur project that we inherited from the game developer Tigon. Despite the considerable work and improvement that Pumpkin was able to effect in the five months it had the product, Eidos felt it was necessary to cancel the product due to its projected release date and the dwindling Playstation 1 market.

As a development team we are extremely proud of what we achieved with Warzone 2100. RTS games by their nature are one of the most demanding products to develop. Also Pumpkin wasn't shy of taking on an established market to create a product that was revolutionary in many ways. Quite an achievement for a studio's first product.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you the fans. Your continued support and feedback enabled us to refine the product far beyond the original release. In the end we released 10 updates, the main content being new features requested by you. I hope you feel we did a good job of this. We certainly feel that we added considerable value to the original product.

As regards our future, with such a talented group of individuals the future is always very bright!"

It was a truly sad day then to bid goodbye to a gaming company that had a lot of potential, but you can revisit Pumpkin Studios' masterpiece by getting some WarZone 2100 action today.

WarZone 2100 is still available on Amazon.com. Collectors, snatch it up while you can!


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