On This Day In Video Game History: March 29

On March 29, 2004..

Painkiller goes gold. The highly anticipated first-person shooter published by DreamCatcher Games and developed by People Can Fly is finally ready to go into production.

The game's events are played out in the eyes of Daniel Garner, where the story starts out with him and his wife, Catherine, celebrating her birthday. In a tragedic twist of events, they meet a car accident and both die instantly. While his wife goes to heaven, Daniel finds himself in purgatory, and that's where the action begins. In order for Daniel to receive purification, he is tasked to kill four of Satan's generals in order to prevent the impending war between Heaven and Hell. He meets a bevy of characters along the way; some friends, some accomplices, and some traitors.

As Daniel, you have to shoot your way through 24 levels filled with hoardes of demons and fight the armies of some of Lucifer's closest men in order to gain entry into Heaven.

Painkiller was released on April 12, 2004 and was received positively by gamers and critics alike.

Do you remember how your day went on March 29, seven years ago? Were you one of those who got Painkiller when it was released or did you pass?


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