DayClock Crunches The Numbers So You Don't Have To

The DayClock is the ultimate anti-digital clock in a familiar analog format. No nasty numbers chasing each other (and you) in an endless rat-race around the dial, no minute-by-minute tick tock to tick you off. Only those seven friendly days set ever so congenially within the soft, comforting confines of a circular white face and richly antiqued Oak octagonal frame. Why take Valium when you can hang it on your wall?

The 9 1/4 inch wide, $39.98 DayClock is the essential accessory for those forever harried types we all know, rushing from one meeting to another until their own personal ticker fatally pops a sprocket. The only nod to traditional hours this thoughtful timepiece makes is the addition of Noon markers at the center of each day, not that they're really needed (nudge, wink, chuckle).

The DayClock runs - "walks" might be more appropriate - on a single AA battery (not included). If the appreciatory comments posted at the sales website are any indication, "Ol' Slowhand" makes the perfect gift for retired seniors who tend to see the trees and not the forest, as it were. The helpful copy at the site even suggests that the DayClock would be "ideal for vacations and cruises when it's easy to lose track of the day." You betcha - wear it around your neck on a chain ala Flavor Flave. Yeeeaahh Boy! (Buy here)

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