Dazzling 3-D Printed Accessories: Swarovski Crystal Sparkles and Struts

Italians are known as trendsetters particularly in the fields of haute couture and mainstream fashion. Founded back in 1948 by Achille Roncaglia, IPNOTIX, a Rimini-based technology company managed since 1980 by Fabio Roncaglia, is getting on the innovative bandwagon with a new line of dazzling accessories that combine fashion with Swarovski crystals and  3-D technology.

In order to make this unique collection a reality, the brand was forced to think outside that fashion box by blending two diverse creative approaches. They used the skills of their own Studio Roncaglia, which specializes in 3-D graphics and technology and Puntopiu, an innovative studio with more than three decades of fashion experience.

By its very nature, the collection addressed one of the biggest complaints about 3-D printed composites, which is that they are often made of plastic and are undesirable. IPNOTIX broke the mold, so to speak, with its inclusion of Swarovski crystals for its line  of 3-D printed accessories.
Crystals were included after the first item, a hypnotically beautiful, geometrically perfect butterfly with "no soul," was created.


IPNOTIX ButterflyIPNOTIX Butterfly

In the words of Fabio Roncaglia:
"That soul came in the form of a sprinkle of Swarovski crystals. We really took care in studying the ideal mix of materials and working techniques to make every item unique and impossible to imitate."

The Magic Garden, Street Beat and Poker Lines

The creators of these unusual jewelry collections describe their efforts as an attempt to create a multitude of effects and passages from one cosmos to another. The Magic Garden features a selection of flower-inspired earrings, pins and pendants. Its aim is to stir a sensory experience that is enhanced by a magic carpet ride of rich colors and dazzling light effects.


Magic Garden CollectionMagic Garden Collection

Street Beat is also comprised of showy accessories, but these are targeted for the teen market place.


Street Beat Swan PendantStreet Beat Swan Pendant

Poker is the final line, which includes earrings and necklaces adorned with playing card symbols.


Poker Line EarringsPoker Line Earrings

The blending of 3-D technology with fashion is an aesthetic that is both original and powerful.

Swarovski and the modern world of additive technology

Since 1895, the name Swarovski  has been associated with the cutting edge of innovation, intense research and creativity. The golden hands of founder, Daniel Swarovski, can be found in every single piece and during the early years of the 20th century the reputation he worked so hard to build became steeped in popular culture and the world of high fashion. His creations were incorporated into the iconic fashions of Chanel, Dior, Schiaparelli and Balenciaga, and adorned by celebrities like Josephine Baker, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Constantly adapting to the consumer in the modern world, Swarovski's focus of creating products that are new, gleaming and beautiful has remained unchanged down therough the decades. The powers-that-be behind the Swarovski brand are highly cognizant of the need to adapt their creative methods with modern, additive technologies such as 3-D printing, in order to 'crystalize' individual visions. The continued success of the company lies in the fact that despite adjustments to changing times and tastes, the fourth and fifth generation family management still respect the principles of founder, Daniel Swarovski.

The future of 3-D printing, Swarovski and IPNOTIX

The world will always make room for new technologies, but whether or not they seep  into public acceptance depends on their quality and ability to meet the fickle needs of consumers. 3-D printing has already implanted itself into almost every phase of modern industry. Swarovski has survived two world wars and one hundred and thirteen years of unmarred tradition. IPNOTIX is a company name that has also withstood the test  of time, making its future with Swarovski crystals  bright in more ways than one.

Do you think society's taste in accessories changes as often as often as those concerning fashion garments? If so, please explain.

Closing thoughts on accessories:

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory. ~ Coco Chanel