Top 10 Dazzling Diamond Fashions: The Coolest Bling You Can Wear

Dazzling Diamond Fashion #7 - Diamond Rattle Ring  

Diamond Rattle RingDiamond Rattle Ring

Most women who have diamond jewelry like to show off their bling to the world to see. But for those who want to feel like they've got a dirty, and glamorous little secret, there's the Diamond Rattle Ring. The Rattle Rings are 18-karat gold and are available with as little as 2 diamonds with about 1.5 karats or 8 diamonds which total 2-karats. These rings might not like sound like anything out of the ordinary, but the catch is that the diamonds are on the outside of the hollow gold ring, so no one will ever suspect what's inside!

Dazzling Diamond Fashion #6 - $1.9 Million Purses

Diamond PurseDiamond Purse

You might have thought that some designer purses that you lust after would break the bank. Well, you ain't seen nothing yet! This purse is truly luxurious, and for the price it better be! With more than 2,000 diamonds and made entirely of platinum, the chain on this purse can be turned into a necklace while the embellishment on the front also doubles as a broach. What more is there to say, except that designer Ginza Tanaka sure knows how to make women lust after an accessory more than ever before!

Dazzling Diamond Fashion #5 -Diamond Adidas Sneakers

Diamond Adidas SneakersDiamond Adidas Sneakers

Adidas isn't missing out on the diamond embellishment trend, they've released their own line of Swarovski crystal sneakers as part of their Diamond Pack line which has 409 crystals making up the Adidas Logo, plus 0.2 karats of diamonds. Not surprisingly, this line has already been popular with celebrities who want to add a little bling to their footware.

Dazzling Diamond Fashion #4 - Mechanical Diamond Rings

Mechanical Engagement RingMechanical Engagement Ring

This mechanical engagement ring is for those who can appreciate a fun technical element in their jewelry, and those that are more modest about showing off their bling. The mechanical engagement ring has a set of doors, which at the push of the button can be opened to reveal a drool-worthy diamond or closed for protection and jealously evasion.

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