Dead Chihuahua Handbag: A Tribute To The Pet Accessory Trend

The favorite accessory carried by most female celebrities these days seems to be a very little dog. Some have become fixtures in pop culture and have, as a result, inspired an accessory that sends a strong message about this trend by using a girl's second favorite accessory.

Dead Dog HandbagDead Dog Handbag

Yes, it's a purse. A dead dog purse to be more specific, and it's inspired by Paris Hilton's dog Tinkerbell, who has been featured in as many magazines and TV shows as the Celebutant herself. Recently Paris seems to have traded in poor old Tinkerbell for the latest trendy accessories; different furry friends, and more often than not, designer totes and clutches. This dead dog purse is a tribute to the little Chihuahua and any other discarded pets that celebrities have treated just like they're last season's handbag (at least now they can be)!

Via: Craftzine

Oct 7, 2009
by Anonymous