Death Star Planetarium Lights Up The Night Ceiling

Star Wars has always been a haven for both science and pseudo-science junkies of all ages, and the Death Star Planetarium kit tries to appeal to both sides.

From Uncle Milton, a long-time American toy maker, comes the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium. Part of their series of "Star Wars Science" toys, the planetarium attempts to combine elements of the real and fantastic in a way that will educate kids and still give them the thrill of owing a piece of the Star Wars universe.

The planetarium is, not surprisingly, shaped just like the Death Star from the movies, but with a removable top half that allows a projected star scape to be shone onto a bedroom or living room ceiling. This star vista can take the form of the fictional Star Wars universe complete with planet locations and names or can be made to represent the stars as viewed from our little blue planet.

It requires 3 AAA batteries to function and comes with two tiny light bulbs that serve as its source of light, leading to a number of potential issues. Complaints from comments on Amazon show that the bulbs can be either a) not included with the kit or b) burn out easily, and if they are working can consume a great deal of power. In addition, the star scape does demand a flat ceiling of approximately 12x12 in order to gain the maximum effect - anything smaller will result in distorted images.

Despite this, the toy is still a hit with many kids who love Star Wars, if not their more technically-minded parents. While the Death Star planetarium might not be of the same caliber as ones that can be seen at local science centers, for under $25 at Amazon it can be a good way to get kids interested in what lies in our night sky by starting with something oddly more familiar - the fictional worlds of Star Wars.

Source: Uncle Milton 

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