Death Wish Materialized: Motorized, Off-Road Skateboard

This post started out about a new motorized skateboard I found in Hammacher's New Arrivals section. Sounded pretty cool. Then my right eye wandered down the page and came across something even crazier than a 19 mph motorized skateboard: a 19 mph motorized, off-road skateboard.

Off-road skateboards are a little off-kilter to begin with, what with rocks, boulders, roots and tightly packed trees to worry about. But throw a motor into that equation and you have a veritable death trap. 

A sort of human RC car, the skateboard has a mid-mounted 800-watt electric motor. The knobby tires are designed to eat up gravel and dirt trails, while the trucks are purpose built for wide, 8-foot turns. A suspension system makes the off-road ride a little smoother. You control the motor with the remote and can limit the speed to 10, 15 or 19 mph. The board provides up to 10 miles of range on four hours of charge. 

So basically, you'll be flying through the forest at around 20 mph with very limited ability to steer.  Kind of terrifying. At least the motor kicks out if you step (or fly) off the board. 

The skateboard weighs 65 lbs. and supports riders up to 330 lbs. You can find the All-Terrain Electric Skateboard at Hammacher for $750. 

Happy trails.