Debt Penalty: The Top 10 Abandoned Luxury Cars Of The UAE

Life in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any of the other United Arab Emirates can be very good indeed but the fun can come to a screeching halt should you bounce a check or miss a credit card payment.

Non-payment of debt – any debt, any amount – is a criminal offense under Sharia law as observed in the UAE. Rather than face the music and risk a jail sentence, an astonishing number of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and other high-end car owners simply park their pricey rides at the airport and hop on an outbound jet, never to return.        

1) Buh-Bye Dubai

"There once was a chap named Andy Blair, made redundant today and he don't even care, decided he'd have to leave Dubai, wrote a note on his car to tell us all why."

Should one really park a Porsche Boxster roadster outdoors in the desert? Leave it there long enough and you'll return to find very expensive sandbox. Ask Andy Blair if he cares... that is, if you can find him. We're guessing you won't find him in Dubai. (abandoned luxury car image via Doug Ross @ Journal

2) Prancing Horse Bites The Dust

So-called “ghost cars” began to appear in earnest during and after the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, and they were still cropping up in late 2011 when this $1.6 million, 660bhp Ferrari Enzo attracted the notice of Dubai police.

Purportedly the car was abandoned by a British expat who could neither keep up his car payments nor pay a growing stack of speeding & parking tickets. (abandoned luxury car image via Celebrity Net Worth

3) Act Of Violet

This outrageously purple Lamborghini Gallardo was abandoned by a pro soccer player in Sharjah sometime in early 2013. Since then, the lavender Lambo has sat on the side of the road just outside the Palm Tower 1 building, a constant irritation to the building's owners and managers.

On the bright side, the accumulating layers of dust, dirt and desert grime are gradually conspiring to conceal the car's retina-scorching paint job. (abandoned luxury car image via The Supercar Kids

4) Stranded Of The World

Is that Justin Bieber's entourage cruising machine? Perhaps, assuming we can see into the near future. This pimped-out Caddy may not be a supercar per se, but it's been left locked and loaded all the same.

You might think the owner had some sense of consideration having left the vehicle in a covered airport parking lot. You might be wrong: The luxo-SUV still sports a coating of crud and while it gets dustier, visitors to the airport have one less parking place available to them. (abandoned luxury car image via The Throttle)

5) Better Trashed Than Crashed

A cheery yellow Acura NSX sits sans license plates amid a sea of dumpsters – not exactly the image Honda would like for their top of the line mid-engined speedster. It would seem in this case, the owner was in too much of a hurry to drive his expensive ride to the airport... or maybe all the spaces there were taken by similarly abandoned exotic autos.

One wonders why the owner saw fit to abandon his (or her, who can say?) flashy ride in an obvious hurry but still took the time to remove the license plates. Less of a trail to follow for the creditors, perhaps, or maybe the NSX carried personalized plates the owner wanted to keep for a souvenir. UAE customs officials will likely be wondering as well when they discover the plates during airport check-in. (abandoned luxury car image via Crank and Piston     

6) Putting The Cat Out

The legendary Jaguar XJ-220 was sticker priced at £470,000 each when the first one rolled off the JaguarSport production line in 1992. Both the price and the timing were wrong, however, as the advent of a global economic recession hit the makers of all such supercars hard. Jaguar ended up producing just 275 of the superlative XJ220 between 1992 and 1994, and somehow one of them ended up in the UAE.

Depreciation notwithstanding, a decently maintained XJ220 should still hold a fair chunk of its original value due to rarity alone, and even the most stretched-out payment plan should have wound up by 2011 when the image above was taken. Regardless, the reasons for abandoning supercars are as eyebrow-raising as these exotics are to look at. Pity the poor XJ220, though, as it seems to have been parked in the bad part of Dubai – bet you didn't know Dubai HAD a bad part of town. (abandoned luxury car image via The Throttle 

7) Bag Me With A Dune

Here's a Porsche 930 or 936 enjoying some VERY long term parking beneath the dubious protection of a tarp, er, custom-fitted car cover... nope, it's a tarp, semi-secured with some ratty strands of rope.

Someone sees a future for this vehicle and thus the need for protection from the elements but really, can't it just be towed away? Plateless and obviously abandoned, it would seem this valuable vehicle would be all-too-tempting for anyone down on their luck hoping to score some quick bucks. Maybe the used exoticar market in the UAE is in worse shape than we thought. (abandoned luxury car image via stupidDOPE    

8) From Skyline To Breadline

The Nissan Skyline GT-R was one of the Japanese automaker's most powerful vehicles yet due to strict marketing it's little known in North America. The Middle East is another story, however, and the Skyline's turbocharged I-6 engine must have enjoyed its steady diet of fresh, high-octane fuel.

This mellow yellow Skyline looks little the worse for wear though the accumulated debris around its forward half indicates it hasn't been driven lately: the only attention it's received has been from amateur street artists drawing images in its coat of dust. (abandoned luxury car image via Daily Mail)

9) Melancholy Mondial

Less than a thousand Ferrari Mondial 8 2+2 coupes were built between 1980 and 1982, and the vast majority suffered far better fates than this grievously abused example in a Dubai parking lot.

Abandoned at the latest in 2007, the car shows the effects of (at the time these images were taken) over four years of active and passive neglect. At least someone's getting some benefit out of this sad situation: the family of stray cats who've colonized the Mondial's flea-infested interior. (abandoned luxury car image via Crank and Piston)       

10) Won't Be Back In Time

Yes, that's a DeLorean DMC-12 and yes, we know it's red... some DeLorean owners painted their cars for the sake of individuality. Or to hide damage from an accident. Or maybe wind-blown sand isn't good for a brushed SS304 stainless steel autobody. What IS wind-blown sand good for, anyway? Absolutely nothing, say it again y'all.

The photo above was taken by Flickr user mickymazda1 in December of 2006. No telling how long the DeLorean was baking in the desert sun (and the desert moon as well) but the tires are either flat or sunk deep into the sandy soil. (abandoned luxury car image via mickymazda1)




Don't get any ideas about “rescuing” any of these and other apparently abandoned exoticars, by the way... even though many have been left unlocked with the keys in the ignition. Sooner or later, almost all of these vehicles are impounded by the police, get towed away and eventually go on the auction block to be re-sold. Good to know at least someone's making money in the UAE these days! (abandoned luxury car images above via Bizka_K and at top via Doug Ross @ Journal)