Decorated Contact Lens Cases Offer a New Vision of Cuteness


A handful of dollar store charms and a glue gun are all it takes to kick-start cuteness to a new level. If on-the-scene reports from Tokyo Kawaii TV can be believed, Japanese designers and creative individuals have moved from cell phones and fingernails to utilitarian plastic objects like contact lens cases in their relentless drive to make anything and everything cute.

Take the humble contact lens case. Drab, functional and plastic - no more! Companies like Royal Cheaper are making lens cases with heart-shaped caps; pretty yes but that's just the start.

Add a "decokit" and get out the glue gun... in an hour or so your bland contacts case has become a glittering treasure worthy of royalty, only cheaper. Hmm, guess that's how the company came up with their name. Anyway, the result is a unique, one-of-a-kind, totally cute case in which to keep your bizarre, oversized, anime-look contacts. Or the normal kind, suit yourself.

Those who are lacking in either time or creativity (or both) can order pre-decorated cases online from One*Baby or, or shop for them the old-fashioned way by visiting Tokyo's trendy shopping areas like Harajuku and Shibuya in person. Either way, adding that extra touch of cuteness to one's life isn't just easy, it's an open & shut case.

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