Deeper Turns Your Smartphone Into A Fish Finder

Deeper FishfinderDeeper Fishfinder

Aspiring outdoors men (and outdoors women), are you planning your next or first fishing trip? If you are (or if I just inspired you to do so with my lead), maybe you're thinking you could use some help finding a honey hole. Well, fear not, Deeper Fishfinder can help.

Deeper is the first of its kind--a smart fish finder. That's right, you use your smartphone or device in conjunction with the floating Deeper device to find out where the fish are. With this capability, Deeper is the fish finder for the fishing veteran or the first time line-caster. 

Smart FishfinderSmart Fishfinder

Using Deeper is simple. First you have to download the Deeper app to your smartphone or device. Then, just attach your line to the Deeper floating orb and cast it out into the water. It will relay data back to your smart device via Bluetooth.

Deeper uses sonar technology to measure water depth, bottom contours and find out where the fish are. Deeper can also give you water temperature and a good estimate of a fish's size. With the Deeper app, you can access weather forecasts, a detailed fishing calendar, customized fishing log and an integrated map function on top of the functional fish finding features. 

Finding Fish With DeeperFinding Fish With Deeper

The Deeper Fishfinder is completely portable and there are no wires and heavy duty equipment, so it's not only simple to use but convenient to carry along as well. Deeper's sonar works from 0.5m to 40m (130 feet) and can be used in fresh or salt water. The orb's two beams also give you a wide coverage area. 

As I said, the Deeper Fishfinder is great for fisher people of any experience. If you're sold on the idea of getting a little help to find the fish, then you can order Deeper on Amazon. Or, if you think you want more information, check out the Deeper website

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