Defeat The Things That Go Bump At Night In The Creeps! iPod Game

If you're a sucker for adorable cartoon-ish graphics then chances are you've already got The Creeps! installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I was borrowing my friend's iPod one day when I saw a quirky little figure so I tapped on the icon to open up the game.

I got so addicted that I didn't want to give the iPod back even after two hours (but of course, I had to). You already know what happened next: I downloaded the game and have been hooked on it ever since.

The Game

The Creeps! is a tower defense game with an unusual twist. In case you're not aware, tower defense games are those where you have to set up a series of defenses all throughout a path that the enemies (in this case, the Creeps) are going to traverse on. You have a huge selection of weapons to choose from: the blaster, glue bottle, boomerang, shuriken, flashlight, and the piggy bank. The goal is to position all of these carefully and strategically throughout the map to make sure that the creeps don't get to your child (hiding under the covers) at the end of the maze.

You've got a limited amount of gold before a level starts but once you hit the "play" button to begin the night, you earn extra coins for each creep you kill. Upgrade your weapons gradually to increase the damage that it does to the creeps. In some levels, you get some super towers such as the U.F.O., giant spider, whirlwind, and oil can that needs to recharge after you activate it, so use it wisely.

The Good

The Creeps! is a really fun and enjoyable game. I love how the graphics are done and I love the twist that it did to the traditional tower defense games out there. Some added goals for each level include going through an entire stage without selling any of your previous weapons, destroying all of the obstacles in a level, and for defeating all of the creeps. You earn a badge for achieving each of these and you get a find Gold Star if you manage to collect all of these badges within a level. I love the added challenge this adds to the game.

The Bad

There aren't many negative things to write on the gameplay of The Creeps! Probably one would be if you don't happen to be a very good player. In some of the levels, I found myself having to repeat the entire thirty or so waves in a particular stage because I kept getting creeped out (pun intended) in the last or second to the last wave, which sucks particularly because it takes time to get to that stage in the game.

Game Preview

In case you're having a hard time picturing out the game, check out this video below to see what to expect in The Creeps!:

The Verdict

You can get The Creeps! for your iPhone or iPod Touch here: iTunes App Store