Defensive Fashion For Women: Zap Your Assailants With The No Contact Jacket

According to the Senate Judiciary Committee, one out of three women in the US will become a victim of a violent crime during their lifetime. Using similar, non-lethal technology found in tazers, the No Contact Jacket delivers a nasty surprise to anyone delivering unauthorized contact to its wearer.

A number of years ago during my University days, I was attacked on the street right outside my apartment by a mugger. I was fortunate enough to get away with only a sprained elbow, a bruised ego, and a fear that would follow me for years to come; while my assailants got away with my identification, $10 cash, and a few replaceable electronics. After this experience, my now husband, attempted to boost my confidence when walking around the city by looking into non-lethal personal protection devices. Refusing to carry a tazer for two reasons; they're illegal, and are most often used against the victim, I kept as small confidence boosting baton in my pocket until I stopped getting the creeps when someone was behind me.

Having experienced a (minor) violent crime myself, I can't help but love the No Contact Jacket as a personal protective device. It takes self-defense to the extreme with its exo-electric armor delivers a not so subtle "hands off" signal with the 80,000 volt low amperage electric current. Not to worry, the wearer won't ward off welcome contact, since the electric shock is only delivered about activation. The wearer of this unique fashion item is also well-protected from shocks with an insulated rubber layer that protects her from the voltage.

This wearable protective device is surprisingly fashionable. Its nylon bomber jacket style is casual yet stylish, and is suitable for practically any weather conditions. It isn't recommended, however, that the electric shock be activated during excessive rain or inclement weather unless it's a dire situation. 

Like with tazers and other devices that deliver electric currents, there is a risk that the wearer of this fashion can receive a shock during a physical altercation. However, an assailant would have more trouble using it against the wearer, since of course, it's attached.

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Mar 21, 2009
by Anonymous


they need to make a guys one of these cuz i would totally buy it and when my friends came up to give me a hug or tackle me or somethin i would just shock them and make them piss themselves!!! lol
i have 2 questions though... you say that you wouldnt carry a tazer because its illegal but wouldnt this be illegal too? and i highly doubt that tazers get used on the victims most of the time, especially the ones that shoot out the wires... those are sooooo badass!