Defining Synereo Before It Redefines Facebook

There’s a new social network in town and if it's half as powerful as its hype, prepare to follow a whole new line of logic when you socialize online in the very near future. Synereo has been touted as the one to break the mold of all that went before. It’s the next-gen social ecosystem, a fully distributed social network designed for the  Attention Economy.

No, it’s not another one of those ‘payment-for-content’ models that have launched recently, with curious names the likes of Tsu, “8”, Ashton Kutcher’s “A+” or Bubblews. This startup is not only anti-Silicon Valley in its location (based in Israel), but also in its core functionality.

Paving a new path to social evolution

Some would say that reimagining the traditional social network is long overdue. Dor KonfortyDor KonfortyWith Facebook pushing into its 11th year, it’s beginning to look a little long in the tooth, no matter how many new acquisitions Zuckerberg adds to his empire.
Cutting through the congested privacy issues prevalent in Facebook and others of its ilk, Synereo boasts that its the world’s first completely decentralized social network. As such, users will be able to interact directly with each other without the need for a third-party intermediary. So much so, that Synereo’s CEO Dor Konforty asserts, “5 years from now, an entity wielding such immense power centrally - like Facebook - will simply not make sense to us.”

At the Bitcoin 2.0 Technology conference last October in Tel Aviv,  Konforty briefly describes his unique social network.

So many new terms, so little time . . .

With Synereo, not only do we have learn a whole new method of social networking, we have to understand some terminology that up to now has probably only been bantered around by programmers, developing and code-loving nerds.

Terms such as:

Attention Economy ~ was first prophesied by Michael Goldhaber, who wrote an insightful, prescient piece in December 1997 in which he described a new paradigm that pertained to the ‘flow of attention’ metaphorically replacing money as the currency of the Internet. It is Goldhaber’s thesis that our attention is scarce and therefore valuable, and its Synereo intention to build a platform designed to bridge the gaps of this scarcity between users.
AMPs ~ Folks may be familiar with cryptocurrency such as bitcoin which permits finances to bypass the control of banks, governments and any other central financial entities. Similarly, Synereo allows its users to reclaim their social capital and use it as they see fit. AMPs which are purchased by users can be used on the Synereo network to amplify the power of information flow. Investing AMPs in a post for instance makes it propagate beyond its organic reach and increases its priority.
And here is the tricky part - when users see AMPed content in their streams, they receive a portion of the investment AMPs as compensation for their attention. Remember, in the Attention Economy, there is a trade-off for gaining one’s attention long enough for them to digest your content. As a scarce commodity, there will always be a demand for it - so think about AMP coins as the necessary currency to pay for that attention.
AMP currency is dissimilar to bitcoins, which currently have mostly speculative value. “Another key difference is the way that new AMPs are created. We are implementing a “proof of social contribution” mechanism, whereby users on Synereo who garner a reputation as publishers of attention-worthy content are rewarded AMPs for their contribution. We believe that new value will be created on the Synereo network and that it makes sense to convert the wealth that a user brings to the network into a medium of exchange which does not trace back through a series of exchanges to fiat currency and to the fiat economy,” noted Konforty.
Dendron ~ is a node-derived region of the network. Each user in Synereo only sees the region of the network derived by its node. It also interfaces with other nodes it’s connected to, what the parameters of these connection are, how information flows through that region, and where data relevant to that region (and share with node) is stored on the distributed cloud. Thus, each node has its unique view of the network and its topography.
“This makes Synereo’s architecture much more efficient and scalable. With users only storing and seeing things relevant to their regions of the network, there’s no risk of forking, and nothing that could bloat,” notes Konforty.

Redefining Facebook

Facebook’s interaction with users treats them basically as a 'product.' It is the monetization of their content that drives FB’s revenues. CEO Mark Zuckerberg chooses not to decouple a user’s social experience from his capitalistic motivation because he owes it to his shareholders.

Synereo, on the other hand unconstrained by this financial motivation puts the user first. As an open source Cloud-based system, users can engage and tweak their streams to their liking without any constraints. In essence, there’s no middleman enforcing rules or profiting from their creations or shares on the network.

The Release of Synereo . . .

After reading this blog, I’m sure you, like myself, have a lot of unanswered questions pertaining to the terminology, the functionality, the compensation plans (for both the network and the user) and advertising models. While I don’t have much more to add today, we are being told that the first alpha version to Synereo's close community of members and contributors will commence on March 23rd with a crowdsale campaign (where you can begin purchasing AMPs - $1 will buy 154 AMPs).

A white paper has been released that will clarify some of todays highlights while allowing you dig deeper if you like.

Has today’s overview on Synereo been enough to intrigue you become an early adopter or might you wait for the feedback from the alpha and beta testers? I took the latter approach with Tsu and learned that the first adopters seem to benefit the most by getting a jump on things and by pushing the boundaries. Might do things differently with Synereo - and if I do, will keep you posted in upcoming blogs. 

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Mar 19, 2015
by Anonymous

Excellent review, sir. Thank

Excellent review, sir. Thank you!

- Dor

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by Ron Callari

Thanks Dor, in the next week

Thanks Dor, in the next week or so, I'd like to interview by email. If that works for you - you can contact me here:

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Truly appreciated this

Truly appreciated this insightful breakdown.