DEFROSTY Keeps Your Winter Buddy Around For Some Warm Weather Fun


The holidays are over and most of us are looking ahead to a nice warm spring.  I know that I am.  I still have a while to wait, but I can dream.  Not absolutely everyone is looking forward to an early thaw though.  Remember that adorable snowman that you and the kids built out back?  He looked so charming and festive during the holidays, but as the next few weeks roll by he is sure to start sweating the onset of warmer temperatures.

Sadly, there won’t be much left of poor old Frosty once his body melts away, but a couple of non-melting parts will remain.  DEFROSTY – Melty the Snowman by Fred and Friends puts these extra components to good use.  This set of reusable ice cubes comes with six lumps of coal and three carrot-shaped chillers.  I think that this set would make an amusing addition to any spring or summer get together.     

Now you don’t have to say good bye to your chilly buddy for a whole year at a time.  You can have a little reminder of the fun part of winter while you sit out soaking up that hot summer sun.  You can find DEFROSTY here.


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