[De]Hydration! Six Pack Holder For Your Bike

Whether you're biking to a concert tailgate or spreading the green by cycling empties over to your local recycler, carrying a six pack via bike is ultra awkward. Six packs don't exactly slide seamlessly into your backpack and the knocking around of bottles can lead to broken glass and, worse yet, spilled beer. Beer bottles doesn't really fit into your water bottle cage, either.

So here's a better way. It's the 6 Pack Frame Cinch and it's designed to strap your beer to your bike. I think they should call it a bike beer belt, but then I suppose potential customers would realize they could build something similar with an old belt and a piece of material. 

The simple, leather strap wraps through the six pack handle and around your top tube, so that you can transport your beer in comfort. Originally designed for bike polo mallets, the cinch (or a pair thereof) can be used to transport all kinds of things. But beer will probably be the most useful. Just be sure to wait until you get to your destination before popping a brew--don't want the embarrasment of a bike DUI hanging over your future. 

You can buy this one directly from Portland-based Walnut Studiolo at its Etsy page for $22. 

Via BeSportier