Delicious Dairy Delivery: Milk Made Ice Cream Subscription Service

Daily milk delivery is a thing of the past in many communities, but there's one business that's bringing it back to New Yorkers, but rather than simply offering bottled milk, they've got a milk product delivery service that sends something a little bit more delicious to your door.

Milk Made Ice Cream is a monthly subscription service that sends something tasty and sinful to the door of New Yorker's every single month. As the company's name indicates, it's not your old-fashioned bottled milk service; it's a tastier variety of dairy, ice cream! The ice cream that's part of the subscription delivery service isn't your typical grocery store variety either. Every month it's a different flavor that's all natural and organic, and all of the ingredients come from local farmer's markets based on seasonal varieties of produce available.

This company has a bit of a "mom and pop" feel, since all of the ice cream delivered as part of the delicious subscription service is made in a humble East village apartment by the entrepreneurs behind the concept!

Via: Springwise