Delicious Food Fashion: Crocheted Wearable Art

Generally when you talk about people wearing their food, it's snidely after a meal that results in remnants being visible that were not appropriately devoured. However, with the delicious food fashion designs by Joy Campia, it's food that's good enough to wear, in a good way.

Donut NecklaceDonut Necklace

Joy Campia makes crotched fashions, but these aren't your grandma's designs, although they might resemble her mouth watering creations in the kitchen. Although her unique fashion items aren't for sale, they sure are creative and delicious. To date, she's created a funky crotched hamburger dress, a mouth watering ice cream sundae, an ice cream cone that looks freshly made, and a crotched donut yesterday. It's clear that this fashion design artist favors those delicious foods that aren't necessarily good for your waistline, or at least they wouldn't be if they were edible!

Aug 1, 2009
by Anonymous


You may want to fix the typo; they are "crocheted" rather than "crotched"...

Aug 2, 2009
by Anonymous

Is this a big mac or a whopper ?

It may be a bit difficult to sell if you have to ask for a dress that is either a whopper or even a big mac. We like small sizes, apart from certain things................