Delicious or Disgusting? The Banger & Mash Cone

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From Aunt Bessie's web presence and the traditional kind of British food she's known for, like steak pies, home-style chips, and baked apple pie, you wouldn't think she'd become a trendsetter in the food arena. But she has created the United Kingdom's first main course on an ice cream cone -- the Banger and Mash Cone.

Aunt Bessie's is actually a British company that produces prepared, packaged, ready-to-heat-and-eat foods. They are homey, comfort foods. Well, someone at Aunt Bessie's apparently got the idea to make the Banger (sausage) and Mash (mashed potatoes) Cone, because there was a decline in the amount of ice cream consumed in the recent summers... a decline, it is theorized, come about due to the colder, wetter, summers in Britain.

The Banger and Mash Cone was created to be a year-round food that didn't just look like any ice cream cone, but like a particular cone, the 99 Flake. Very famous and popular in Britain the 99 Flake is a soft ice cream cone with a chocolate wafer stuck into it.

99 Flake, Photo via BBC99 Flake, Photo via BBC

The taste?

Well, the Metro.Co.UK , first described the Aunt Bessie's treat as "the world's most disgusting ice cream," and captioned a photo of the Banger and Mash Cone with the word "horrible" repeated seven times. The folks from Aunt Bessie's, apparently distressed by the review, arrived at the Metro writer's desk with a load of bangers and mashed potatoes, hoping to change his opinion. He did, sort of. And he gave Aunt Bessie some suggestions for improvement, such as creating a swirl of gravy throughout the mash, kind of like caramel swirling through vanilla ice cream. The cone unfortunately was not acceptable, as it disintegrated very quickly with the load of Bangers and Mash atop it.

I think the Banger and Mash looks delicious and I can picture it being sold by street vendors in U.S. cities, especially in the winter, or during La Ninas.

What do you think? Delicious or disgusting?

What should replace the cone? Share your ideas here and with Aunt Bessie if you like!

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Apr 15, 2008
by Anonymous


In Bucharest (Romania), someone just opened a "cornet pizza" store.

Instead of ice cream you find pizza inside the cornet. It's really delicious and because we're habituated with eating the ice cream slowly, the cornet pizza makes the belly full and happy :)

So, despite the fact that the picture above is disgusting, there are similar ideas that really are a market hit.

Apr 15, 2008
by Anonymous

This wouldn't sell in the U.S.

People in the U.S. don't even know what Bangers and Mash are, so why would they buy this? If they aren't eating cones of pizza (which if it were in my area, I would probably try it), they certainly aren't going to eat sausages and mashed potatoes on an ice cream cone. Even the original concept of the 99 Flake is unknown in the U.S.