Deliciously Disgusting Underwear: The Bedazzled Beef Jerky Bikini Brief (Brief Jerky)

There are some things that should just never have come into existence, and the Brief Jerky is a prime example. Keep reading to learn more about this delicious and disgusting underwear design, and get a pair of your own if you should feel so inclined.

Edible underwear has been a sexy and scandalous lingerie trend for a long time, and while the Brief Jerky, bedazzled beef jerky made into underwear is definitely edible; it's more deliciously disgusting than sexy and scandalous, unless processed meats get your engine running. Yes, these "never should have come into existence" underwear are available from Etsy store Mixed Species, and while they started off as a joke, they really are up for sale and they really are made of dried, preserved meats and gone to town on with a bedazzler.

For $139 USD you can get your own pair of deliciously disgusting underwear in the form of Brief Jerky, and they'll be custom fit to your body. Because the underwear is lined with single cell foam sheets, it's not really recommended for consumption, so you'll have to hold back your impulses; and that's probably wise anyways, since there's no way that this dried meat underwear can possibly take a run through the washing machine.

What more is there to say about this funky and freaky fashion, really?

Via: Craftastrophe