DelighTable Excites and Delights

On the quest for coolness, it's only fitting to have the dopest coffee table on the block. The DelighTable undoubtedly fits that bill. The technology apparently isn't that hi-tech, and the table has been around a while, but the effect is plenty impressive.

Why, hello...Why, hello...

The DelighTable invites you to play with trails of light created by your touch alone, providing hours of innocent entertainment while inspiring envy in your friends.

The table's inner workings consist of an opaque liquid that's housed between a layer of transparent plastic film and a light source. When touched, the liquid disperses, allowing the light to shine through.

Delighted ice cubesDelighted ice cubes

The designer, Thomas Gardner, has worked to perfect this project over the course of the last few years, and it is now available to the public. The form it's taken is that of a 25-centimeter thick, waterproof and touch-sensitive tabletop that's made to order. The price you pay for being so dang cool? About $2500.

The downside is that there is a potentially hazardous cord protruding from one of the legs, but that's a small cost for such a wonderful home addition, don't you think?

To see this table in action, see the video below.

Found via gizmodo

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Nov 11, 2007
by Rajiv Wagh (not verified)

Comercial use of inventions in INDIA !

excellent stuff !