Deliver That P2P Business Connects You With Products You Can’t Find!

Ever fallen in love with a product you found while traveling, and returned home to find that it's not available in your home country? If you're lucky, you might know someone who lives there that can send you the items you crave; but usually you're just SOL. Deliver That arranges P2P and B2P delivery of items that you can't find everywhere so nothing you desire is out of reach.

We all go through life dreaming of things we can't have, as simplistic as they may be. We might go through our days hoping for a sighting of the object of desire. For me, it's Chocolate Buttons by Cadbury from Mark's in Spencer's because they're reminiscent of childhood visits to England. But the chocolate baking wafers (which are similar in shape) just don't have the same affect, and if I'm being honest, taste horrible compared to the real thing.

With Deliver That, I could easily get my chocolate buttons provided someone wanted to give me a hand. All I need to do is post the item I'm searching on the website, set the amount I'm willing to pay for the total quantity I'm looking for, and wait for a willing participant in the UK to seek out my highly craved chocolate buttons.

Deliver That also accepts partnerships with businesses looking to provide international products to parts of the world where they are unavailable. However, it doesn't look like, to date, this B2P format has come into play; so I won't be getting my chocolate buttons directly from Mark's and Spencer's or Cadbury's in the UK.

Deliver That is a great business concept, but can it stand up to strong business competitors like EBay?