Dell Reconnect Breaks An Ecycling Record

And now, for something completely different from my usual fare. It's always nice to see people making an effort to reduce our ecological footprint- and through a partnership with Goodwill Industries, that's just what Dell's been doing.

The Dell Reconnect Initiative

Back in 2004, Dell partnered up with Goodwill Industries, starting up Dell Reconnect. The goal was to provide free electronics and computer recycling for consumers.(Greener Computing) Originally launched in New Jersey, the program has since expanded to several other Goodwill locations across Canada and the United States. To say that it's been a success would be a bit of an understatement.

By 2009, Dell recycled over 275 million pounds of electronics equipment. (Earth 911)  That's enough to construct several hundred thousand computers. And they're still going; recycling more and more by the day. 

Breaking Records

So far, in the fiscal year 2011, Dell has globally recycled over 150 million pounds of electronics. Not only is that about 16% higher than their numbers in the previous fiscal year, it puts them well on their way towards their goal of recycling one billion pounds of equipment by 2014- since they've already recycled over six hundred million pounds. (Greener Computing)

 That's not all Dell's doing, either. Greener packaging, reducing the energy consumption of their products...apparently they're also the first IT company that doesn't just toss their broken electrical waste into a developing country.

...Yeah. Long story short, Dell's been making some pretty big strides towards being environmentally friendly. Let's hope that more companies start to follow their example. After all, the resources we're using to build our systems aren't going to last forever, right? 

Like I said, this is a bit divergent from what I usually blog about, but hey; I figured it was something worth saying. Join me tomorrow, when I'll be taking a look at the Toshiba Regza AT300 Tablet.