Dell's 2011 Tablet Roadmap

On Friday, Dell's 2011 Tablet Release Roadmap was leaked- and it contains some rather interesting information: namely the specs for the Dell Streak Pro, Dell Latitude XT3 and Dell Latitude ST...and the release dates for all three. Now, I'm sure you're all wondering if you should really care- I mean, the Dell Streak was a flop, right?

Well, from here, it looks as though Dell is planning on making up for that. 

Pictured below is the roadmap, obtained by Android Central.The first thing that jumps out at me here is the Latitude ST- it's, scratch that, it's definitely the most powerful tablet I've seen to date. Granted, you might take a bit of a hit to your wallet to acquire one, and the battery life exactly brilliant, but it's still a rather fine looking tablet, no? 

As for the streak pro, it's sitting pretty with a  10 inch 1280x800 screen, a new Tegra T25 Processor, and something known as an 'enterprise application stack'-basically, what that means is that it'll be able to run a number of business-oriented programs,near as I can tell. Nothing most consumers will have to worry about. It'll also be data only. All that really means is that you probably won't be making phone calls on it. On another note, there's an unfounded rumor that the Dell Streak Pro's been pushed back to fall- I guess we'll just have to wait until June to find out if it's true.  

Finally, the  XT3 is the most powerful on the list, since it's essentially a notebook PC that just happens to also be a tablet. Like I said, I think it's a trend. It'll have active pen support- again, becoming pretty commonplace in the tablet market- and a number of other nifty addons and security features.Other than that, the image pretty much speaks for itself.

Now,  for those of you who want something sooner than June, there's also the Dell Streak 7 a powerful seven inch 4G tablet which will start shipping out towards the end of the month. It's priced at $399.99, or $199.99 with a T-mobile contract. You can pick one of those up on Dell's Website. (Good E Reader)


I'm tentatively excited about all three tablets. They're powerful, they've got some decent features, and as near as I can see, they don't seem to be that hard on the eyes. I'm not giving my final verdict on the three quite yet, though- not until Dell announces their price points 

(Source: Techie Buzz, Android Central)