Dell’s New Environmentally Friendly PC












Dell has gone a step further this year and created a green computer unlike any other Dell has ever had.

This year at the Fortune Brainstorm Green Conference, Dell CEO Michael Dell introduced Dell's new green PC. The new green PC is a bamboo-coated computer filled with recycled materials (ex. recycled plastics such as: milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles). The Bamboo-computer uses 70% less energy than the average computer and is 81 percent smaller than the standard desktop. The size makes it easier, less costly and more eco-friendly to ship.

What is the estimated cost of this computer? The estimated cost is about $500-$700. Unfortunately, other than the above information there is little else known about this computer. The computer's name has not been released nor have any further details of the computer capabilities. Don't worry though, the Bamboo computer is set to come out later this year. Stay tuned.

If you are a Dell customer or fan and you are wondering what other environmentally friendly initiatives Dell has taken you will be surprised at what they've done and plan to do. Here is a quick list of their recent eco-efforts:

a. Plant a tree program. Take a look here .

b. Recycling program . Drop off your old Dell at any dell store and they'll have it recycle. You can even buy a refurbished computer if you would like.

c. 100% Renewable Energy for Dell Headquarters, in Austin Texas. 2.1 million square foot headquarters building in Austin is powered by alternative energy.

For more about Dell and its environmental efforts click here also watch Michael Dell's interview here .



Via Green Student U