The Demo Of PlayStation Now is Officially Live On The PlayStation 4

Good news, everyone! PlayStation Now has finally reached the next generation of game consoles. Well...sort of. The PS Now Private Beta - previously only available on the PlayStation 3 - today went live on the PS4. The service - built on cloud technology acquired through Sony's purchase of Gaikai back in 2012 - allows users to stream gameplay just like they'd stream a movie on Netflix. In other words, they can play through games without having to even download them to their hard drive.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? On top of that, this tech will also allow devices which wouldn't ordinarily be capable of supporting gameplay - such as Sony's 2014 Bravia TV line - to act as though they were legitimate gaming consoles. Currently, the only games available through PS Now are on the PlayStation 3, but more titles are expected to be entered into the program before the beta ends later this year. 

Currently, says Sony, the Private Beta program has been "going great," with testers logging over 50,000 gameplay hours over its course.  Collectively, that's more than five-and-a-half years of play time. That's rather impressive, isn't it? 

Unfortunately - and I'm certain I've said this before at some point- as promising as PS Now looks, it may take a bit of time to actually catch on. Sony's server issues notwithstanding, a lot of people probably don't have networks powerful enough to support game streaming. I feel as though that, more than anything, is going to hold the technology back.

Those of you who are interested in trying the beta program but have yet to receive an invite needn't worry, by the way. Sony intends to expand the beta to a wider audience in the very near future. Stay tuned to the PlayStation blog for more details. 

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