The Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader Saves Your Laptop

The internet has opened up a whole new world of meal options for people.  There are recipe sites galore online.  You can find them for any style of cooking you are interested in.  Gone are the days when you were limited to just the cookbooks you had in your house and that little box of handwritten recipes collected from friends and family.  Now if you crave it you can look up the recipe in seconds and if you have a laptop you can bring that information right into your kitchen.  Unfortunately, the kitchen is not the safest place for a computer.

With all the splashing, grease splatters and kids running by, laptops may not last long if they are regularly brought to the kitchen for reference.  The Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader was made for just such a purpose.  With the ability to hold 2500 recipes on a 5x7 device that is splash resistant and easy wiped down, this gadget is a much better kitchen choice than a laptop.  The Demy includes a high resolution touchscreen to navigate your recipe collection and it can be adjusted to make font larger if desired.  Also handy is that it can be used lying down semi-flat or turned up on its end; the screen will automatically flip to suit its position.

The recipes can be loaded in through an account at the online site.  In addition to the recipe storage, the Demy has added cooking tools including timer options, measurement conversions and ingredient substitutions.

(Update: This reader is no longer available. A similar product is available here.)


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