Denim Diapers: Huggies For The Trendy Baby!

With summer here, moms and dads know their little ones just might be spending lots of time in the home crawling around in their diapers. But when guests pop by, their babies just won't be dressed to the nines with their little white, absorbant plastic bums. Huggies has now come up with a trendy solution!

Baby Diapers Look Like JeansBaby Diapers Look Like Jeans

 There's no reason that babies can't look adorable while lounging around in their undergarments during their pre-potty training days. That's why Huggies has decided to come out with a line of baby diapers that has the look of denim. Of course, any little one will have to be a bit of an exhibitionist at heart to ensure that someone other than mom gets to enjoy this new functional, fashion for babies! You can order them on Amazon.

 Denim DiapersDenim Diapers

 Via: PR Newswire

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