Denim-On-The-Go: Jean Vending Machines

Have you ever found yourself somewhere just thinking, damn I could use a new pair of jeans? Good news, a denim vending machine might just make these desires come true.

Jean VendingJean Vending

Closed, a jean brand that provides designer styles based in Hamburg, has launched a denim vending prototype machine in Florence, Italy to see how people embrace jeans-on-the-go. If the concept seems to take off, the idea is that it will be setup in train stations, bus stations and airports around Europe so those jet-lagged and unclean can find themselves in a new and clean pair of jeans.

Interesting concept, I just wonder how the machines handle returns, since finding the right fit for jeans is nearly as hard to attain as world peace.

Via: TrendHunter

Oct 29, 2009
by Anonymous


yea i agree i would never buy jeans unless i get to try them on, i mean what if i thought i was a 32waist and then bought jeans and omg im a 34 now i cant believe that someone thinks that would sell lol...... i know what would would sell like hot cakes from a vending machine anyone interested call me