The Denny Has All The Right Features For The Urban Commuter

The DennyThe Denny

It's an urban commuter's dream--a bicycle with all of those little perks that make commuting just a little easier. The Denny by Teague + and Sizemore incorporates features designed to eliminate commuting worries. It is "an everyday bike that removes the barriers to becoming an everyday rider."

Urban commuter problem: carrying a bike lock. Denny solution: integrated lock in the handlebars. That's right, the Denny's handlebars double as a bike lock. You can either remove the lock completely and fix the bike to a rack, or  if you're making a quick stop, you can lock up the bike from the handlebars. 

Denny's Handlebar LockDenny's Handlebar Lock

Urban commuter problem: lack of storage. Denny solution: built-in flexible storage system. The storage system is part of the Denny frame. There is a flat platform on the front of the bike and a flexible mesh strap system that is designed to hold anything from books to a carrying tray of coffee. 

Urban commuter problem: hills, rain and natural conditions. Denny solution: automatic gears, electric pedal assist and fenders that wick water from the tires. Yeah, all of that. With the Denny, you don't have to shift gears, and if you're having trouble climbing a hill, the electric pedal assist will kick in to help you. And then there are the fenders, which have a mini "broom" attached to the insider that sweeps the water off the tires. 

The Denny also takes into account the rider's safety. Headlights, brake lights and turn signals are integrated into its frame. The headlights also have a sensor that detects lighting changes and will turn on when it's dark. The Denny also has safety lights that flood light onto the road around the bike. 

Check out the video below for a look at all of these awesomely convenient features. 

With all of its attributes, it's no wonder the Denny won The Bike Design Project, a contest by Levi's Commuter that had five teams from five cities compete to design the ultimate urban utility bike. After winning the contest, the designers teamed with Fuji bikes to begin production on the Denny. You can expect to see this ultimate utility bike on the market sometime in 2015. 

Source: Sizemore Bicycle